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The Basics of Design Theory

Elements and principals of composition

Basics of Color Theory

45+ Free Lessons in Web-centric Design Theory

Interface Design

Apple is giving design a bad name

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware."

Simon Collison, fluid website

Principles of Interface Design

Responsive Design Overview

Responsive Design Boston Globe (In InDesign)

5 Essentials of the "Donate Now" Button

Motion Design — a really amazing web page made up of animated gif files.

"Flawed," a simple but well-told stop-motion animation

"Motherless Brooklyn" Title Sequence Proposal 2011 (awesome After Effects animation)

"Motion Plus Design" Center: What is Motion Design?

Apparent Motion

Rotascoping (tracing over live action)

Web Design

Basic Internet terminology

What is a Website?

History of Web Design

Tutorialzine Really kick-ass coding tutorials by someone who can also design.

Demosthenese' blog Really kick-ass tutorials by a css animator.

Ideal length of text and video on web: Adweek

Color Theory for Web Designers

Gestalt Theory for Web Designers

Elegant Subheads for Web Design

Design Machines — Recommendation on how to stop becoming design machines and build web sites that matter.

Example of CSS3 animation; use Chrome browser

Adam Hartwig, 3D/animated web designer

Very Nice Sites


link-assistant/user behavior and seo

Google — Using rich snippets for events

Web Coding

Basic Web Coding Elements

Deane's Harmonic Website Design

TECH273 Weekly Examples

Adding Google fonts to your web pages

The Definitive Guide to Web Character Encoding — Tommy Olsson — Why you should use UTF-8

"Optional Tags"

Campaign Monitor Guide to CSS in Emails

Coding Games

Display Table Anti-Hero — How to use css as opposed to html tables, so you can restructure them when they are too narrow.

Web Responsive Coding

Andy Mangold's Responsive Design Course

Web Tools

CSS Inliner: inlines your css for emails.

ASCII Reference code cleanup and indenting

Convert html to ascii

Style Guide Template Illustrator CS6

Web Processes

Co-Design, Not Redesign

Daily UX Crash Course — The hows and whys of user interface design

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain (Thrash Early and Ship)

Web Examples

The importance of adding space to a design

CSS — Two approaches to centering objects horizontally

CSS — Centering items both horizontally and vertically, and creating a text box that can vary the text and remain vertically centered

CSS — Two ways to use columns in a flexible layout

CSS — Using clearfix to contain floated divs within another div

CSS — Working with divs and type

Child and Sibling Selectors

CSS — First and last child pseudo selectors

CSS — The differences between different types of positioning

CSS — Creating alternative bands of color

CSS — Playtime with floats and percentages

CSS — List formatting

CSS — List margin and padding effects

Images — Overcoming limitations of png-8 with slicing

jQuery fade in site, then animation transition to inside pages, with example of text sizing using vw

css portfolio site using css columns

Web Projects

Email project files