Games to improve your coding

When you are doing ANYthing, whether it's your job, your schoolwork, a hobby, or whatever — if you want to get better at it, consciously or not, you create games with rules to help you improve.

If you are playing a video game, the object is to make as many points as you can, gain the highest level you can, or gain that highest level as fast as you can. If you are learning to hand sew, it might be to make the stitches as straight and even as possible; it might be to make the stitches as small as possible; it might be to figure out a decorative way to make the stitches.

Specific web coding games

As a web designer, there are several mental games you can play play to improve your coding:


All four are good games to be playing while coding — how well can you use all of these when you're coding your web page?