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Student Animation Samples

These animations were done in Flash and won't be visible on phones or iPads.
Classes involved teaching Photoshop and Illustrator skills and some Flash animation skills.
Students with additonal skills were encouraged to take on bigger projects.
Bilan and Michael had almost no computer drawing skills coming into the class.

Dilan Coconuts Single Frame Animation

Dilan Coconut Animation

Robert Continuous Motion 3D Animation

Robert 3D Animation

Marcia Giving Tree Story Animation

Marcia "Giving Tree"

Omari Little Devil Illustrated Animation

Omari "Little Devil"

Danielle Animation, song Caramelldansen by Caramell

Danielle Caramelldansen

Malcolm Graphic Novel Animation

Malcolm Graphic Novel

Michael Seasons Animation

Michael Seasons

16 Tons, sung by Tennessee Earnie Ford

"16 Tons"

Alien Abduction 3D animation by Rick Hutchinson, HCCC ARTT112 Spring 2014

Rick "Alien Abduction"