Final Site Project

Desktop: 1000px wide x 700px+ height
Mobile: 480px wide x 800px+ height

Home page must include:

Most of these points are for relatively simple things we've been stressing throughout the course.

Name Due Points
Site Preparation
Site Research Apr 4 25pts
Project Profiler Apr 4 25pts
Mood Board Apr 4 25pts
3 Thumbnail Sketches + mobile sketch Apr 7 25pts
Tight, pixel-perfect comp of home page Apr 14 25pts
Wireframe, showing what elements are named and how big they will be in pixels
(width, plus height if known)
Apr 14 25pts
12 pieces of work plus descriptions Apr 21 25pts
  Subtotal   175pts
Final Site
5+ pages   25pts
Create a template for the main structure of the site   25pts
All images in image folder, optimized, none larger than 600k   25pts
Site-wide css file; little or no css code in headers or inline   25pts
Home page content as listed above   50pts
Some part of your biography included on site. (You could also code your resume as one of the pages.)   25pts
Blog with 1 paragraph each on what's been accomplished for Apr 14, Apr 21, Apr 28, May 5 included on site   25pts
Site Navigation
Every page must be linked to reach every other page   25pts
2 sets of navigation: at top, right or left AND in footer   25pts
All navigation, email and hyperlink links work   25pts
Code indented   25pts
Code commented   25pts
Overall look and feel
Use of white space (margin and padding) so type isn't crashing into the edges of elements, images aren't crashing into type, etc.   25pts
Link color and type selections create enough contract for even color-blind people to distinguish   25pts
Type has enough contrast with background to be readable   25pts
Looks good overall   25pts
  Subtotal   425pts
  Total   600pts
Extra Credit: Choose one or the other
Mobile: Make your site mobile; add css to your site so it's readable without scrolling horizontally at 480px wide   100pts
Video: Using your cell phone, create a video introduction ("Hi, my name is ____, and welcome to my site! I'm a graphic design student from Townson, and..."), save it in the three formats discussed in Part 9 of Stingendo, and add it to your site.   100pts